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Fish/invert order 11/17!

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    Posted: November 02 2023 at 11:46am
If you're looking to add any fish or inverts into your tank, let me know what you'd like tagged onto this order. The following list is what's available to be added to the order. The price follows the name. Text or message here.
Pick up in kearns near kearns high school.


4 stripe damsel-6
6 line wrasse-18
aiptasia eating filefish-22
allards clownfish-20 sale-10
annularis angel- 80- M
azure damsel-8
banded pipefish-28
banded sleeper goby-22
bat ray-500
bella goby-60 sale-55
bellus angel-160F 260M
bicolor parrot-40
bicolor angel-32
bicolor blenny-16
big eye squirrel fish-40 sale-30
b&w heniochus-40
black boxfish-45 F
black cap basslet- 50
black hamlet-60
black leopard wrasse-35
black pyramid butterfly-70
black ray goby- 20
black saddle clown- 20
black trigger- 130
blackbar filefish- 30
blonde naso tang-140L 600 XXL w/streamers
blotched foxface-60 sale-50
blue "indigo" hamlet-40
blue gudgeon-20 sale 15
blue and yellow grouper-280
blue eye kole tang- 30S 60L
blue face angel-220M 260L
blue flasher wrasse-40
blue head tilefish-55
blue head wrasse- 30
blue hippo tang- 70M 100L
blue jaw trigger-50F 60M
blue line grouper-100
blue nose pencil wrasse-50
blue reef chromis-20
blue sided fairy wrasse-30
blue spot butterfly- 60
blue spot grouper-45
blue spot stingray-200
blue star leopard wrasse- 35F
blue streak cleaner wrasse-20
blue striped fang blenny-40
barbonius anthias-300
broom tail wrasse-600XL
brown bird wrasse- 35 sale-30
brwon heniochus-35
burgess butterfly-140
canary blenny-20
candy striped hogfish-110
carpenters flashers wrasse-35 sale-30
chain link eel- 90
chalk basslet-20
cherry louti grouper-70
china wrasse-60
chocolate tang(mimic)- 70
christmas wrasse-40
citron goby- 20
clarkii clown orange-25
clown tang-35S 45M 80L
convict tang- 30S 35M
copperband butterfly- 40S 50M 60L
coral beauty- 35- sale-30
coral beauty red sea- 45
coral hawkfish-25
cream angel-40
cuban hogfish-120M 240L 290XL
desjardini sailfin tang-45S 60M 100L-sale80L
diadema psudochromis-15
diagonal goby-25 sale-20
diamond goby-20M 25L
dianas hogfish-45M
dogface puffer-40S 50M 80L 180XL
domino damsel-5
draon pipefish-35
dragon wrasse-40
dusky tilefish-45
eclipse/coral hogfish-45
eibli angel-40
engineer goby-10
epaulette tang-80 sale-70
evansi anthias-40 sale-35
exquisite wrasse(africa)-50
falcula butterfly- 35
false percula(ocellaris)WILD-15 sale-12
fiji devil damsel-12
fiji foxface-40
filamented flasher wrasse-40
firefish goby red-10
flagfin angel-40
flaming prawn goby-50 sale 40
flavo anthias-40
forktail blenny- 25
french angel-130-400 M-XLJUMBO
fumanchu lionfish- 100
gold head sleeper goby-20
gold rim tang-60
green bird wrasse-70
green chromis- 5S 20LFIJI
green mandarin goby- 20
grey poma angel-60
half black angel-30
hardwicke wrasse-30
harlequin bass-30
harlequin sweetlips-40
harlequin tusk- AUST300L INDO150L
hectors goby-20
horn shark-250M 300L
huchti anthias-40
humu trigger-30
imperator angel-50JS 70JM 80JL 150AM 180AL
jansens wrasse-50
jewel damsel-10
katherine fairy wrasse 70M
keyhole angel-30
kleins butterfly-35
koran angel-50JM 60AM
lamarck angel-60 sale 50
lawnmower blenny-20
leaf scorpion fish-180
lemonpeel angel-50
leopard blenny-40
leopard wrasse-35
line spot flasher wrasse-45
linear blenny-40 sale 30
lined dart goby- 60
long horn cowfish-40M
longnose hawkfish-40
lubbock wrasse-35
luzon spot fin anthias-45
lyretail anthias-40M
magnificent foxface-170
majestic angel-170
marine betta-110
masked bannerfish-50
mccoskers flasher wrasse-50
melanurus wrasse- 35
midnight angel-30
mimic half black tang-40
miniatus grouper-200
moorish idol-80
multibar angel-80
naoki wrasse-60
naso tang- 40S 60M 140L
neon damsel-10
neon velvet damsel-12
neon wrasse- 25
niger trigger-35M
orange back fairy wrasse- 80
orange shoulder tang-80L
orange skunk clown- 20
orange spot filefish-35
orange spot rabbitfish-60
orange spotted blenny-35
orange tail damsel-12
orange tail toby puffer-40
orange toadfish-40
oriental sweetlips-40
ornate leopard wrasse-40
pacific saddleback hogfish-35
pajama cardinal-12
pakistani butterflyfish-60 sale 50
panther grouper-40S 50M
pastel tilefish- 80
pearlscale butterflyfish- 40
pink spot watchman goby- 20
pink tail trigger-60
pinnatus batfish-60
pintail wrasse- 60M sale 50
polleni grouper-180
powder blue tang 70M sale 60
powder brown tang-50M 60L
purple firefish- 30
purple queen anthias ADULT-30
strawberry dottyback-15
pygmy(cherub) angel-35
pylei fairy wrasse-200M
queen angel-140M 300XXL
quoyi parrot fish-200L
raccoon butterfly- 60
railway)twostripe) sleeper goby-30
randall anthias- 30M
randalls goby-40
red arrowhead possum wrasse-60 sale 50
red breasted wrasse-100
red coris wrasse ADULT-45M 70L
red coris wrasse JUV-30
red fairy anthias-35
red goatfish- 20
red lipped blenny-25
red scooter blenny-20
red rooster pygmy waspfish- 50 sale 40
regal angel-90M 130L
regal angel yellow belly-180L
ribbon eel black-80 sale 70
ribbon eel blue- 80
royal gramma 20SM sale 15
royal dottyback-15
ruby long fin fairy wrasse- 35
rusty angel-30
saddle clown orange-20
sailfin tang- 30S 40M
scooter blenny-15
scopas tang- 35M
scribbled angelfish- 600F 800M
singapore angel- 40M
six bar angel- 60S 80M
skunk tilefish- 50
sling jaw wrasse- 55
smith blenny-20
snowflake moray-40M
sohal tang-400XL
spiny burr puffer-45
spotband butterfly-50
square box anthias- 40F 60M
stars and stripes puffer- 50M 80L
steinitz goby-20
stocky anthias-40M
striped squirrel fish-30
sulfer damsel-40
sunrise dottyback-70
swissguard basslet-140
tailspot blenny-20
talbots damsel-10
teardrop butterfly-40
tennenti tang-70M
tesselata eel- 150
threadfin butterflyfish-30
three stripe damsel- 5
tiger queen anthias-40
tiger wardi goby-30
timor wrasse- 35
tobacco basslet-20
tomato clown-15
tomini tang- 50M
twin spot goby-15
two stripe damsel-5
undulated trigger-70
unicorn tang-60M
vagabond butterfly-35
vanderbuilt chromis-30 sale 15
volitan lionfish-50M 80L
walking batfish-50
warty frogfish-120 sale 100
whip fin fairy wrasse- 30
white cap goby- 120 sale 80
white eye eel- 80M 140L
white line(bursa) trigger-50
white sand(chalk) goby-15
white sleeper goby-20
white spotted grouper-40
whitetail pygmy angel-30
yasha goby-60 sale 50
yellow angel-30
yellow belly dogface puffer-100M
yellow belly blue hippo tang-60S
yellow candy hog-50
yellow clown goby-10
yellow coris wrasse-20
yellow pyramid butterflyfish-70
yellow tail cleaner wrasse-25
yellow tilefish-80 sale 70
yellow watchman goby- 15
yellowback fusilier(africa)-50
yellowhead(pearly) jawfish- 30
yellowtail damsel-8
zebra eel-170
zebra lionfish-40

arrow crab-10
assorted feather duster-12
assorted nudibranch-15
astrea snail-1
banded coral shrimp-15
banded coral shrimp (blue/purple)-30
banded coral shrimp(gold)- 20
banded serpant star-16
black and pink cucumber-16
black margarita snail-1
blue knuckle hermit crab-10
blue star linkia-25
brown mantis shrimp-20
bumblebee snail-1.50
calico crab-40
camel shrimp-5 (not reef safe)
candy cane pistol shrimp-20
cat eye turbo snail-2
choclate chip star-10
cleaner shrimp-20S 30L
cluster duster-20
coraline margarita snail-1
emerald crab- 5
feather duster large-20
fire shrimp-40
tuxedo urchin-20
halloween hermit crab-8
harlequin shrimp-40
icon star-20
lettuce nudi-15
longspine urchin-20
maxima clam(blue)-80S 140L
maxima clam (gold)- 100M 140L
nassarius snail small-1
nassarius snail large-2.50
ninja astrea snail- 2
halloween urchin-20
peacock mnantis shrimp-100
peppermint shrimp-9
pincushion urchin-20
pom pom crab-10
porcelain anemone crab-15
purple lobster- 25
purple nudibranch- 20 sale 15
purple pincushion urchin-20
rainbow/fire urchin- 50
red finger gorgonia-30 sale 15
red fromia star-18
red leg hermit-1 red linkia star-22
sand sifting star- 15
sea hare-20
sexy shrimp-15
spider decorator crab-15
tiger pistol shrimp-16
tiger tail cucumber-18
ultra ricordia- 16
yellow and red gorgonia-25
yellow gorgonia-30 sale 15
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When will you be placing another order?
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